About Us

We are a typical homeschooling family with six children that decided back in 2013 to start fulltime roadschooling with our children! That’s right, one day we said “Let’s do this!” and we did!

It was that simple.  (Sort-of.)

In a two year period we tent camped for seven months (combined), hotel hopped, rented cabins, and decided to spend a year in a home twenty-six thousand miles away from where we began!  It was such an adventure that we are still documenting the events for you here and venturing out for more fun whenever we can!


We’re doing another great cross-country tour but this time we are going to include the Northeast and Great Lakes regions too!  Stay tuned for stories of our adventures, great travel tips, RV and camping advice, and beautiful U.S. travel photos!

About Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

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